Studio X offers the full spectrum of video production services. To explore just what that means, check out some of the services we offer below.

Whether you’re looking for a broadcast spot, marketing video or internal communication, Studio X has you covered from discovery to delivery.

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Preproduction is the planning stage, where we solidify all the details of your project before producing content. This is where our team helps you concept, script, and land on a visual direction for your dream project.Pre-ProductionDIRECTOR & PRODUCER


The team identifies and ideates solutions for the problem. Concepts are generated rapidly and refined until the strongest, best ideas are presented to serve the client’s needs.


The screenwriter creates a script that addresses the message the client intends to convey through the selected solution from the concepting stage, editing whenever necessary to construct the most compelling story.

Visual Direction

The production team researches visual inspiration and ideas (such as videos, images, color palettes, etc) to help guide the overall tone and feeling the video intends to capture.

Production, also known as principal photography, is when shooting begins. This is where our team, work with you to catch lightning in a bottle, on camera, and in as beautiful a way as possible.Production


Studio X is a fully equipped production house. Once the creative vision has been established, we send our teams to capture the content, whatever that challenge may be. Studio shoots, drones, interviews, b-roll… if it is thrown at our production team, they will find a way to make it beautiful.

Postproduction is the editing of audio and visual materials to create your deliverable content. This is where our team edits your raw footage and combines it with various audiovisual elements such as, color correction and VFX to tell your story effectively.Post-Production


Editing is where a project turns from an idea on a page into a fully realized video. Music, shot selection, pacing, etc., all are decided at this stage. It typically takes about 3 weeks from start to ‘picture lock’, where the video travels into the finishing departments (color correction, mix) to gain its polish.


Color correction is a creative tool that allows a filmmaker to manipulate emotion based on the colors shown on-screen. This process gives a video its final visual luster.


The production team captures a lot of useful audio on the set, the sound often needs to be supplemented by additional effects and “sweetened” with an audio mix. We’ll schedule studio time for voiceovers and book talent as well.

Motion Graphics

Studio X has designers on staff that handle everything from creating a logo to making it animate in all sorts of eye-catching ways. Titles, video name-cards or motion graphics… we do it all.

Green Screen

Green screen or blue screen video shoots can be game changers for creating live-motion projects involving custom backgrounds or for compositing in special effects worthy of Hollywood. Shooting with a green screen involves filming a person or adding visual effects in front of a solid color. Then, by digitally removing or “keying out” that color, you can drop that scene onto the background of your choice in post-production. 

Unreal Engine

Power your productions with the same tools making headlines for The Mandalorian and Ford v Ferrari. Need everything in camera? Top-notch visualization? Episodic animation? Welcome to the playground.